Internet- and technology expert Danny Mekić (1987) first became a young entrepreneur at the age of 15, literally working from the attic of his parents’ house.

When he was 22 he started NewTeam, a technology and innovation consultancy firm run by teenagers and people in their twenties. He’s replaced his parents’ attic with the board rooms of 40 of the 100 largest organisations in the Netherlands. More recently, he founded HackathonFactory and InnovationRecruitment.

In 2009 he was awarded by magazines such as Sprout, Quote and Elsevier, and was asked by the Dutch ministers of Education, Culture and Science and of Economic Affairs the next year — in 2010 — to join an advisory board as the youngest member.

On top of his regular activities, Danny also regularly appears in the media. He’s also a consultant, speaker, a day chair, mediator and university teacher.