Danny believes recruitment can be done better. More innovative. Better than an impersonal advice for which a candidate is reviewed by a mathematical model. More innovative than a review which gives more attention to the candidate’s past than his or her creatieve skills to shape the future. That’s why he founded InnovationRecruitment: a recruitment agency dealing with technology and innovation on a daily basis.

At InnovationRecruitment our consultants, of Danny’s technology and innovation consultancy bureau NewTeam, review the candidates. The same consultants already innovated for 40 of the 100 biggest Dutch organisations and many more international companies, non-profits and governmental institutions. That’s why we know what it means to put innovation central in the recruitment process.

Our clients profit from our broad network of growth hackers, innovation managers, UX and UI designers, product developers, marketeers, data analysts and so on. Is your organisation searching an innovative talent? Or do you see yourself as an innovative candidate and are you searching for a new new challenge?

Read more on the website of InnovationRecruitment, or contact us directly at [email protected] or +31 20 2050550.

Innovatief werven