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What will governmental organisations be like in the future? You couldn’t drag citizens away from their smartphones any more, and yet we see one failed megalomaniacal governmental IT project after another. Their budgets aren’t the problem. How can a governmental organisation innovate and organise itself in order to catch up and close the gap? Fortunately, more and more government organizations have recovered in recent years, and more and more knowledge and experience has been gained with how ICT and innovation processes within governments can succeed.

The government is inextricably linked to society. Is building Smart Cities really such a smart idea, or will that expose the aorta of life to malevolent hackers and drastic restriction of our privacy?

Danny Mekić is the Netherlands’ foremost authority on governmental innovation. The method he has developed helps governments to do the right things for their citizens using technology, all within the budget and within the deadline. In the past, he has innovated for the Dutch Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB), the police and several municipalities, provinces and ministries, and he has also been part of an official advisory board for the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and of Education, Culture and Science. He also regularly advises both Dutch and foreign ministers and members of parliament.

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