About Danny

Danny Mekić (Amsterdam, 1987) is an expert on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation, and is one of the most popular speakers in the Netherlands. He regularly shows up in the media as an expert and also regularly writes for newspapers like NRC Handelsblad and The Financial Times.

He has been declared ‘most successful young entrepreneur in the Netherlands’ by the magazine Sprout, published by Management Team. Quote called him a ‘hoogvlieger’ (‘hotshot’) and Elsevier called him one of the Netherlands’ greatest talents. According to NRC Handelsblad, he is the most popular expert from the business world on Dutch TV.


At the age of 12, Danny started doing volunteer work for Het Net, one of the first and biggest Internet providers in the Netherlands, and he helped to build Clubs.nl, an early predecessor to Facebook that boasted one million users in 2000. In 2002, he founded his first internet company, and in 2004 he left high school early. Many other enterprises followed: a hosting provider, a software company, a legal consultancy firm and a Valentine’s Day chocolate delivery service.


After taking the Colloquium Doctum entrance exam, Danny was allowed into the University of Amsterdam without a high school diploma in 2007. There, he studied jurisprudence and was elected chairman of the Faculty’s Student Council. He also followed a training course to be a (peer) mediator at the Center for Conflict Management in Haarlem. Today, he acts as a guest lecturer at many universities and holds degrees in Law and Management Science. He is also pursuing his PhD at Leiden University, under the joint supervision of Eindhoven University of Technology.

Subsequent career

In 2011, Danny founded NewTeam, an international consultancy firm specialized in strategic boardroom consultancy for large organizations on the topics of technology, media and communications, (disruptive) innovations, new business models and digital transformations. NewTeam works for 40 of the largest organizations in the Netherlands and for various governmental services, but also has many international clients. Danny was also appointed to be part of an advisory board for the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and of Education, Culture and Science, with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship among school students.

Speaker and chairman

Danny has been giving lectures and acting as a chairman since 2008.

As a chairman, Danny is well prepared, substantive, witty, funny without playing the comedian, and relaxed without losing track of time. His unique style has earned him a nomination for the title ‘chairman of the year’. That makes him one of the best chairpeople in the Netherlands.

As a public speaker, Danny is open-hearted, sincere, smart and funny, and he does not shy away from meaningful discussion. His exceptional life story, unique knowledge and impressive experience – in spite of his age – enable him to give your guests more than just an overview of the current trends and developments. A keynote presentation by Danny is an experience that your event’s attendees wil never forget.

Danny is one of the most popular and highest rated speakers and chairpeople in the Netherlands.

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