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  • Digital government needs a Plan O: Plan Offline

    Digital government needs a Plan O: Plan Offline

    It’s not very difficult, taking down a website or a server. „We don’t know who’s responsible for the attack on the Dutch government’s websites or how they did it, but it wasn’t necessarily a group of professional hackers. It’s not uncommon that some 16 year old learns in IT class that sites and networks can…

  • ‘Page 10 of Google is interesting too’

    ‘Page 10 of Google is interesting too’

    Google possibly removing search results brings new opportunities too. „We need to reinvent the way we use our digital sources. Right now you enter something and you find what you’re looking for, but you don’t realise it’s not all equally relevant. People also need to get used to not immediately finding everything on the first…

  • ‘Ban on downloading is pointless’

    ‘Ban on downloading is pointless’

    The ban on downloading from illegal sources doesn’t do much good in the Netherlands. That’s what jurist and technology expert Danny Mekić told the Dutch news agency ANP. In order to enforce this ban, the government would need to monitor all internet data traffic. That would soon lead to privacy issues, Mekić thinks. Furthermore, to…