• GCCS ‘cyber summit’ is a joke

    GCCS ‘cyber summit’ is a joke

    To those in the IT world, the ‘cyber summit’ in the Hague is a joke. That’s what internet expert Danny Mekić says about it. „The governments are not talking about the one issue that matters most themselves: online espionage by governmental agencies themselves. Governments need to take a good look at themselves; the greatest threat…

  • Cry freedom (Freedom and Security)

    Cry freedom (Freedom and Security)

    Letter to the editor of The Times: Dear Sir, The article ‘Freedom and Security’ (Leading articles, The Times 12-10-2013) suggests that Edward Snowden doesn’t understand the balance between freedom and security. What balance? Snowden has proved that our digital private lives are no longer private. The NSA and the GCHQ have virtually bugged everyone with…