It’s not just our knowledge and experience that make us who we are; a large part of how we behave is just a matter of decades-old routines. This is good, because if we had to consciously think about what we’re doing every time we open a door, or actively direct our every motion when we brush our teeth, life would be impossible.

But those same routines also block any change in our lives, no matter how badly we want to change. We want to become more creative, more enterprising or more innovative, and we read books about it or watch inspiring YouTube videos, but one month later we’re still doing everything the same way and there has been zero progress.

“Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you always got.”

The main purpose of the workshops I’ve developed is to create new routines together with the participants. Whether we’re helping SMB owners to get more revenue out of online marketing, or trying to get the senior managers of major quoted corporations to innovate: we work on acquiring the insights we need, and then we help them to let go of their old routines and set up new behaviours together.

Although I would love to deliver every requested workshop in person, that’s unfortunately not feasible, considering my agenda and my wide variety of activities. That’s why my workshops are usually conducted by the best trainers in the Netherlands, hand-picked by myself. These are people who have gone through a thorough selection process and whom I have personally trained, and we ask all participants for feedback afterwards, which we use to further improve our future trainings and workshops. But if you very specifically want me to provide a training or workshop myself, feel free to indicate so in your request.

Let your staff, co-workers, partners or clients have an amazing day or part of a day, with fun ways to work on innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing or leadership. Whether it’s for a small or a large crowd, my team and I would be happy to help you.

Below you will find a number of our workshops, but we handle every individual request on a tailor-made basis. Contact us, let us know what we can do for you and we’ll be glad to offer you a custom-made proposal!

Danny Mekić

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