Disappointment does not follow from the result, but from the expectation you created.

I don’t know if it’s hard to be smart.

The best way to complain is to show results.

You must try to see and understand: real beauty takes or took its time. That is because beauty is rare by definition and doesn’t want to be worn out by the majority; it wants to be left for the few that are willing to put a lot of effort into life.

Innovation is how we make solutions out of data.

‘Privacy’ is an unusable term. We should instead talk about freedom, autonomy and self-determination of the individual. Being allowed to be yourself, to think whatever you want and to act within the law with no hindrance. That resonates with everyone.

Don’t try.

Innovation starts with being more flexible than your environment.

The problem with newspapers is that most of them give a summary of things you’ve read online the day before.

I never realised before how much of a jurist I am. I try to bring everything back to the basics, to black-and-white situations. The world is not a rainbow.

If it can’t be solved, it’s not a problem. It’s a fact.

It is not because of setbacks that most entrepreneurs do not reach the finishing line, but because of a lack of willpower and motivation.

Power is the capacity to exert influence. Its strength is measured by intelligence, and its greatness by morality.

Change starts with the realisation that things need to be done differently.

Blockchain is a fantastic solution without a problem.

Money is the byproduct of value.

Doesn’t that feel safe: a whole world protected by $1 safety-switches.

Fail hard, fail fast and fail often is the only way to get involved with real innovation in this fast changing world. Instead, most companies are trying to prevent failure at all cost, which makes them very unadaptive and the failures very expensive.

The best way to complain is to create.

To a lot of children, school is currently mostly a place to learn what you aren’t any good at.

People that say they have nothing to hide, can’t be trusted with your secrets.

Happiness is every step you take in the right direction.

Innovate smart, not hard.

Question the world, but don’t question yourself. Because if you lose yourself, you will be lost.

Innovation favors the prepared mind.

Try to do instead of trying.

It’s none of the government’s business where innocent citizens are, what they’re doing or what they’re thinking.

The only innovative thing about Uber is the scale on which they are breaking the law.

When light and darkness meet, contrast helps us to see the world.

People feel uncomfortable when they have to divulge personal information during a police interrogation. Isn’t it strange that one-sixth of the world population spreads such information on social media?

Your fingerprint can only be stolen once.

In an environment where technology is the standard, the human factor is becoming the differentiator

I want nothing, I try nothing. I just act.

Smart Technology is making us stupid

Change favors the prepared mind.

Evidence that beauty exists: e^(π i) = -1

If you are not willing to take the risk, your customers are not going to give the pleasure.

Tonight you are the youngest person you will ever be.

Listen to your heart, before it stops beating and you no longer can.

If it can’t be solved, it’s not a problem. It’s a fact.

Anything that will ever be possible, is now possible.

People that have nothing to hide can’t be trusted.

Easy? It’s not easy. If it was supposed to be easy, we would be single-celled organisms.

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