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Ditch all the books, give everyone an iPad, flip the classroom, handle everything with MOOCs, replace teachers with robots. That’s just a taste of what education could be like if we would involve all available technology in it. But what’s really the best thing to so?

Over the past years, Danny Mekić has developed a well-founded vision of education in the future. He did this as a high school drop-out with a lot of practical experience – having been admitted into university despite not having a high school degree, having been asked to be a university teacher, having been elected president of the student council and having been part of an official advisory board to the Dutch Minister of Education as the youngest advisor ever – but first and foremost, he did this as a technology expert with a healthy attitude towards society and humanity. Because technology is not an end in itself; it is a tool that lets us improve ourselves and our society. And it is a wonderful tool, but it does have its limitations and isn’t always a positive influence on us.

Danny’s past clients and those of his team include the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, various primary and secondary schools, the MBO Council and also various developers of digital educational resources.

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