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If discussions in the media are to be believed, healthcare is a giant headache. Costs are on the rise, patients are treated like annoying numbers and the waiting lists are long again. Meanwhile, the internet undermines doctors’ authority: before even seeing a doctor, patients think they can make their own diagnosis online and know what medicine will work best. It’s putting the cart before the horse, but it’s also a great opportunity.

Many questions still need to be answered: what will the hospital of the future be like? What role with general practitioners have? How will the pharmacy of the future organise itself? How will insurance companies need to develop?

Danny Mekić has over 10 years of experience with innovation within healthcare. With clever innovations and clever use of technology, healthcare costs can be reduced while improving the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare being provided.

His past clients and those of his team include Radboud UMC, Philadelphia Zorg en Wonen, Arboned, UMC Utrecht, Smith & Nephew, BENU/Mediq and various doctors’ and lab technicians’ associations.

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